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True Botanicals BASICS review on

Here are 3 questions that I get from readers over, and over, and over.  (Keep asking!  I love answering you.)

  1. Do you really use True Botanicals?  Is it really as good as you claim?
  2. I’m in my 20’s, and I want to make the switch to a nontoxic skincare line.  What do you recommend?
  3. Is there a good skincare line you can recommend that is not so expensive?

I’m not exaggerating, I really do get those questions ALL the time.  And, I am always shocked that so many of my readers are so much younger than I am.  Thanks for hanging in there through all the baby talk, gals!  Also, I am impressed that you are thinking about taking care of yourselves; I was drinking Diet Red Bull when I was 25.  (That thought makes me cringe.)  Well, the folks at True Botanicals must have been getting a lot of the same feedback because they have created a new line, BASICS.  It’s just for you!

True Botanicals BASICS review on

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?  When you’re young, you don’t need complex anti-aging ingredients, and you certainly don’t need to be spending your hard-earned paycheck on them.  (This line is about 30% less expensive than True Botanicals’ other collections.)  However, you DO need to take care of your skin, because what you do in your teens and twenties is what shows up later.  I know you’ve got questions, so let me start by saying that I used this line for a few weeks, and it did NOT break me out.  My skin is not as acne-prone as it once was, but I am still very particular about what I use, and this line was not too heavy, and didn’t clog my pores at all.  It’s also light on essential oils, so this collection works for those with sensitive skin as well.  And, if you’re pregnant, and you want to use something that leaves you with ZERO unanswered questions, this line is for you, too!  Let’s take a look at the products that make up the BASICS line.

True Botanicals BASICS review on

The BASICS Hydrating Cleanser is similar to the texture of True Botanicals’ other cleansers.  It’s got a milky-jelly texture and a subtle lather.  It takes some getting used to, but if I can make the switch, anyone can – I absolutely love their cleansers, and I used to be a suds junkie.  This cleanser is rich in aloe, green and white tea, and green tea (camelia) oil, which is high in antioxidants and breaks down the oil complex that binds dead skin cells together so they’re easier to remove.  This cleanser is $32 for 4 ounces, versus their other cleansers, which are $48.

Talk to anyone who uses a quality toner, mist, or hydrosol, and they will tell you they don’t know how they ever lived without one.  I am one of those people.  What sounds like an unnecessary step in your skincare routine is actually really important.  A good toning mist will pull moisture into the skin, tone the skin, prep it for face oils and serums, and make those products work more effectively.  The BASICS Hydrating Mist is refreshing and works just as well as any of the other True Botanicals mists.  Again, aloe and green and white tea are the stars here, which are full of antioxidants that your skin will drink right up.  And, it’s only $22.

Ah, face oil…  In my twenties, I would have RUN from this stuff, but that was because I didn’t know a thing about quality skincare yet.  True Botanicals founder, Hillary Peterson says, When therapeutic oils are applied to the skin without the interference of waxes, they can be absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis, where they instantly go to work to improve lipid barrier function. By replenishing the oils you’ve lost due to natural attrition and exposure, you enable your skin to properly do its job: hold moisture in and keep the elements like sun and wind out.  So, don’t be a dummy and use Ceravé or Cetaphil; they are (in the words of Spirit Demerson, one of the pioneers of the clean beauty movement) “the equivalent of toxic sludge”.  True Botanicals BASICS Hydrating Oil doesn’t just moisturize; all the nutritious ingredients (specifically green tea, hemp, red raspberry, chia and jojoba oils) it contains are also preventative.  I promise you, once you use the right face oil for a couple of weeks, you will never, ever go back to creams or lotions.  This 1 ounce oil is $74 (vs. $110 for the other True Botanicals oils).

It’s never too early to start using a night serum that locks in moisture and fights free radicals while you sleep.  The BASICS Hydrating Serum contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which holds 1,000xs its weight in water and is able to penetrate your skin, providing serious, long-lasting hydration at a cellular level.  Sodium Alginate, which is derived from brown algae, is a water-soluble polysaccharide that provides moisture to hydrate, soften, and improve skin texture.  Good ol’ green and white tea leaf extract provide antioxidant power.  This super-effective serum is budget-friendly at $85 vs $140 for the other serums from True Botanicals.)

This line is exactly what I will be recommending to all you young beauties with normal skin, even though I hate you.  Just kidding, enjoy your skin and pre-baby bodies, please, and we can still be friends. 😉

If you are new to True Botanicals, use code JESSICATRUE20 for $20 off your first order.

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8 thoughts on “For All You Young-un’s: True Botanicals Basics

  1. Is this a good substitute for cerave compared to other cleansers? I like a creamy cleanser that’s hydrating preferably unsented wich is hard to find!

  2. Is this a good substitute for cerave compared to other cleansers? I like a creamy cleanser that’s hydrating preferably unsented and this seem to be hard to find!

    • Yes! I was always a Cetaphil cleanser user, which is similar to Cerave, and I love TB’s cleansers because they have a similar consistency.

  3. Hi

    I have read your posts on skincare lines, like True Botanicals and other comments. Do you know of a great neck cream. I am 48 and have no adult acne, normal to oily skin. I do use use a skinceuticals line, which might be a no no in the organic world, but looking for a produce to help my aging neck.

    Thank you

    • Yes, Ayla Beauty has a few great options, including Luzern’s Force de Vie Pure O2 Neck & Decolette Creme.

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  5. How long do the tiny amounts of product in these bottles last? I have a budget to keep to and the cost of this line seems unsustainable if you aren’t wealthy.

    • True Botanicals’ full-size bottles last me about 2 months; a little product goes a long way. This collection is about 30% less expensive than their other collections, but if you are looking for something even more budget-friendly, I would suggest Acure Organics, Cosmos, or SW Basics.

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