Mama Mondays: Thyme for Hormonal Breakouts

Branch to Nature Thyme Collection on

Well, hello there.  So, this mother-of-two thing is harder than it looks….  The first two weeks after Woody was born, we had some extra help, and I had a little time to squeeze in a blog post here and there.  Now $#!+ is getting real, and I am no longer running on adrenaline, and the fact that I am not a napper is really catching up to me.  I forgot how exhausting nursing around the clock is; it’s not just the fact that you don’t get much sleep, your body is also working so hard to produce milk and your hormones are raging.  I am just pooped, but one look at that precious babe’s face reminds me that this time is also so special.  We are 99% sure Woody will be our last baby, so I’m trying to enjoy the chaos that is our life right now.  🙂

Branch to Nature Thyme Collection on

Today on Mama Mondays, let’s talk about Branch to Nature’s Thyme Collection.  These products are safe for pregnancy and nursing, very effective for breakout-prone skin and they are super-affordable.  My sister has been using this line for about a year now, and her sometimes-problem-skin looks great  Of course, I decided I had to test it too, and I found it to be a very good value.  While my skin is has been clear lately, it was interesting to note that I didn’t have any adverse reactions to this line; I didn’t break out, the products weren’t overly-drying, and my skin felt very…. calm.  Studies have shown Thyme to have a powerful effect on acne-prone skin that is similar to that of Benzoyl Peroxide (the active ingredient in Pro Activ).

Tonight I’m teaming up with Branch to Nature to give away the entire Branch to Nature Thyme Collection on Instagram – tune in around 9pm EST!

And, now I will crowd-source.  Mamas: what was your #1 mom-hack that saved you time, or sanity, or anything (!) while you were nursing?






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5 thoughts on “Mama Mondays: Thyme for Hormonal Breakouts

  1. This helped more when I was an exclusive pumper with my first (latch issues) but still helps when I need to pump consecutively here and there with my now 13 month old… you can put your pump parts in the fridge between pumpings rather than washing every time… leave them there a day or two (breast milk is fine for days as long as it’s refrigerated – same for the parts!) you can also put the parts and bottles in the dishwasher when ready to wash and that’s sanitizing… some folks don’t know that either and use fancy machines or wash it all by hand! 😇 Congratulations momma – love his name too! 👍🏼😎

      • Another “hack” – folks are loving this little gadget… I got one recently – but since I’m 13 months out I’m not really “collecting” as much on the non-nursing side now a days and have less frequent feedings… I’d imagine early on it’d work much better so nothing goes to waste… if you can passively get a couple ounces a day that would really add up to a nice freezer stash without the effort! 😀

        Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Milk Pump 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA PVC and Phthalate Free

  2. Hey sweet friend! If you do any grocery shopping at Harris teeter order your groceries online while you nurse then have someone else pick them up! I also found out Whole Foods is offering the same service. Keep up the good work, you’ve got this!

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